How Much Are Permanent Dentures? A Guide for Seniors

How much are permanent dentures?

Maintaining your dental health can become a greater challenge as we grow older, and for many seniors, tooth loss is an increasingly probable reality that can have an adverse effect on their daily lives. 

If you are faced with edentulism (loss of teeth), then permanent dentures, otherwise simply called implant-supported dentures, are one of the treatments that can mitigate your situation. 

Although, one common question remains: How much do they cost? This blog post aims to provide seniors with a comprehensive understanding of the costs that are involved in the medical process of permanent dentures; we also mention the benefits and considerations to keep in mind as well.

Understanding Permanent Dentures

Permanent dentures do not fit in the category of traditional removable dentures; simply put, they are anchored into the jawbone through dental implants. These prostheses can give you the stability and a feeling of naturalness that your real teeth used to provide. 

Sturdy stability comes mainly from osseointegration. In this biological occurrence, the implant forms a structural integration and fusion with the bone on a deep cellular level, similar to how natural tooth roots function. 

Scientific studies have reported a reassuringly high success rate, with long-term success rates for implants being over 95% in many cases. As a senior, this might just be the perfect treatment for your edentulism. 

The Cost Breakdown

Let’s now take a deep dive into the breakdown of the different costs involved in permanent dentures. Do keep in mind that there is a high level of cost variance for this procedure, which has to do with factors such as the location of your clinic, details of your clinic itself, and your needs as a patient. 

Initial Consultation and Diagnostic Procedures

The initial consultation is what kicks off the entire process of getting your permanent dentures placed. Make sure that the dentist that you have selected has a high reputation and a lot of experience in the placement of permanent dentures and dental implants. 

The consultation process is straightforward; the dentist will ask you some very important questions about your medical history and whether you have suffered from any medical problems that can hinder the success of the surgery. 

They might look out for gum diseases or any problems with the bone. Further questions, such as your aesthetic preferences, will also be discussed. 

Most clinics do offer free consultations, but if your desired clinic doesn’t, the appointment cost will naturally be an addition to the total costs of your treatment. 

Furthermore, if the consultation goes well, the next natural direction is diagnosing your mouth and oral condition. To considerably speed up the diagnostic process and increase accuracy the dentist will make use of modern technologies such as CBCT scans and X-ray scans to closely study the shapes and make-up of your mouth. The diagnostic procedure also adds to the costs.

Surgical Placement of Implants

The surgical placement of your new false teeth will be your greatest expense when obtaining permanent dentures. The precise placement of biocompatible titanium implants into the jawbone is a meticulous process requiring the highest degrees of skill and materials. An expert specialist, such as an oral surgeon or a periodontist, usually performs the surgery. 

The costs accrued can include the expert surgeon’s fees, the implants that will be placed, and also further procedures that may be required for some cases, such as bone grafting, a procedure that may become quite necessary if there is insufficient bone density to support dental implants.

Healing Period and Future Visits

After you return home from the surgery, you will spend some months in the healing period called osseointegration. This process lasts several months, makes possible the fusion of jawbone and implant denture, and creates a foundational base for the dentures. 

As the period of healing continues, it’s greatly advisable that you visit the dentist’s office multiple times so that they can assess you. The dentist will monitor how well you are healing and check whether any complications that have gone undetected by your own personal examinations might have arisen. 

The costs associated include these follow-up appointments and any further requirements that may arise, such as temporary dentures or protective coverings for your implants that are undergoing the healing process.

Why Are Permanent Dentures Worth the Investment?

It might seem in the initial stages that permanent dentures are an expensive investment, but after we zoom out and look at the advantages they provide on a long-term basis, it becomes clear that there is a significantly positive cost-benefit at work here. 

If you opt for the cheaper, traditional dentures, you may find that they have a greater failure rate and can slip and cause you discomfort. On the other hand, permanent dentures are secure, and it feels as if you’ve gained brand-new teeth. The prosthesis rewards you with an enhanced ability to eat, speak, and smile.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Provider

It’s important that you choose a dentist or oral surgeon who has extensive experience in implant dentistry. Look for professionals who are board-certified and have a demonstrably proven track record of successful implant placement procedures. 

What can really help in this process is reading online reviews and asking them to provide you with some before-and-after photos of previous patients so that you can get a better insight into the previous work that they’ve done. 

Assessing the provider’s experience is a good, telling sign of their legitimacy, but also keep an eye out for the technology and materials that they use, both being considerable cost factors. 


In this blog, we discussed the various cost factors of permanent dentures. We also talked about why opting for this prosthesis could be a financially sound investment for you. In the end, we elucidated why it was so important to find the right dental service provider.

If you are looking for more information about permanent dentures or want a more personalized assessment tailored to your specific oral needs, feel free to contact or visit the Chicago Implant Clinic, located in Chicago, Illinois. Schedule a consultation with our highly experienced staff, who are dedicated to helping you achieve better oral health today!

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